Career shift can be a very difficult process, especially for experience candidates with obligations, some kind of life - level earnings and enormous kind of information coming from web.
Multiple bootcamps promising golden mountains, fundamental courses, "experts" advices  - they can give you a headache and cut your wings.

You can probably relate to some of these:

  1. You see that in IT salary ranges are much more promising then in your industry
  2. Your skills are not used in efficient way, you are bored and underpaid.
  3. You want to start working in IT, but you are not familiar with roles and jargon
  4. You know exactly that what specific role is for you but have no idea how to start the career transition process
  5. You are applying online and do not get any job interviews even if you know that you are the best match for specific role
  6. You have heard that networking can be a trampoline to a new career, but you didn't get ever any job offers through LinkedIn or from recommendations.If any of this vibrating with you....


What if we told you that you can find happiness and better life in your new targeted role?


  1. Better Salary  2. Being happy doing what you really like 3. Flexibility (remote/hybrid work) 4. Clarity about next steps in career change 5. Company environment which you love


Career pivot is a process which can be much easier when conducted with methodical approach.
Only then it can be really exciting experience. We will show you how to make it this way!


How we can help you?
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